Santorini Travel- Day 6 & 7

On the last 2 days of of Greek adventure we did tons of exploring, eating, and buying souvenirs for ourselves, friends, and family. We made sure to go to every corner of Thira and I can honestly say that we are both pros when it comes to restaurants, streets and picture perfect spots from our week vacation there. 

Day 6

Much like all the mornings in Santorini, we woke up early had breakfast at the hotel and then went on a 2 mile walk to discover new spots in Thira. We walked farther than we had the other days and ended up finding a new dome we hadn’t been to before. After taking pictures we went to get our daily gyro at our favorite place.

For dessert I decided to go to Vitamin Bar. They sold smoothies, waffles, and crepes and I decided to go for the strawberry, nutella, and banana crepe. We then made our way back to the hotel to go to the pool.


After getting ready for the night we went to watch our last Sunset in Santorini and for dinner we decided to stay in the hotel and go to their amazing restaurant called Ifestioni. I had the most delicious seafood pasta of my life that included ravioli, shrimp, and clams. I simply cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Both times that we dined there the food and presentation were superb, our food got to us extremely fast and the service was extraordinary, we were treated like royalty. (who doesn’t like that) the chef also sent over complimentary dishes, and a dessert on the first night.

Day 7

Day 7 was a very relaxing day before our long travel back to the US. we had to checkout of the hotel in the morning but since our first flight wasn’t until 3pm Aressana hotel made everything very simple by allowing us to keep our luggage in a separate room until our car was ready to take us to the airport. (We set the drop off at the airport with Aressana as well).

We did our daily walk, had gyros, and explored a lot of the souvenir stores to find things for our family and friends and of course for ourselves! I found the most beautiful handmade ceramic mini dome church that looked just like where Robert proposed. 

After walking around on our final day we went back to the hotel to get some food in before heading to the airport. We got delicious pasta and wine from the hotel and they were sweet enough to send a fruit platter over while we waited for our ride to the airport. Santorini to Switzerland where we spent the night before heading over to chicago, then finally back to Florida!  

This trip was a dream come true and I feel so lucky to have gone with the love of my life. Of course getting engaged was the cherry on top for the trip of a lifetime. I remember going on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media pages and seeing this breathtaking place and I never would have imagined that I would be able to go. It taught me that traveling is such a beautiful thing. Being able to experience different foods, languages, and cultures. I cant wait until our next adventure and sharing it with everyone.